Many people in Illinois know someone who has come to the United States from another country or who was raised by parents who came to the U.S. from another nation. Immigration is, in many ways, an essential building block of modern American society. Yet, today, immigration may well be on the fast track to becoming one of the hottest political topics around.

The current federal administration has not been shy in making clear its view that there are too many people entering the U.S., especially from Mexico or countries to the south of Mexico in Central America. The government has indicated a desire to curb the number of people allowed into the country, especially illegally. This view and approach has drawn criticism from many groups including some municipalities, counties and states.

Many jurisdictions across the country have established themselves as sanctuary jurisdictions where an immigrant may feel somewhat safer as local law enforcement are not required to cooperate with federal immigration agents. This may allow some people a greater chance of remaining in America versus being sent back to their homelands where they may experience many serious hardships.

The Washington Post reported that the federal government may be considering a plan to transport people currently held in immigration detention centers to these sanctuary jurisdictions. The purpose, it appears, is to make a point to the government’s critics. The rationale and methodology of this potential plan is drawing a lot of questions and criticism but one potential result if the plan is put in motion is that many immigrants may be taken to places where they can begin their lives in America.