When people make the decision to immigrate to a new place, they are often confronted with many critical decisions regarding their future. These choices require time and careful planning to determine that leaving their home country will indeed provide better opportunities to pursue a life that is pleasant, safe and rewarding. When immigrants are interested in making a home in Illinois, they will benefit exponentially from securing citizenship and learning more about the history and governance of the United States. 

According to the Los Angeles Times, citizenship is an incredibly important goal for all immigrants to make and work toward. Perhaps the most compelling reason for people to pursue citizenship is to acquire the freedoms and privileges that come with being a citizen. These include the right to vote, serve in government positions and complete jury duty if requested. Equally as important as being able to enjoy the benefits of citizenship for people who accomplish this feat, is being able to enjoy the fulfillment that comes from having responsibilities. 

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services reminds people that as part of a naturalization interview, people will be required to take a test that focuses specifically on reading, writing, speaking and civics. While completing an eligibility assessment, USCIS officers will pay attention to a person’s ability to speak English. The reading and writing portions will require the person to recite and write a sentence in English. The civics section will focus exclusively on the history and civics aspects of the United States.