Many Illinois residents may have worked with or gone to school with people from other countries over the years. The United States has a vast array of visa types that allow people legal entry to the country for different reasons. When it comes to working or studying in the United States, some of these visas target those persons with specialty knowledge, skills or experience or who may be pursuing education in a specific field.

The current presidential administration has been working to limit the stem of immigrants coming to the U.S. and has even indicated it may limit the number of people allowed to obtain work-related or study-related visas. As explained by a report in Forbes, many people and businesses have voiced concern that the federal government’s efforts may harm or prevent essential innovation in America.

Calls are being made to request that any caps on work or student visas not include some certain visas. One of these is the F-1 visa which may be granted to a student from another country who wishes to attend an American college or university.

Another visa is the H-1B visa which may be granted to a person in a specialized field. Their spouse may also qualify for an H-4 visa. Employees of foreign companies with a significant presence in the U.S. may at times want to have their foreign personnel work at their U.S. offices. For these situations, an L-1 visa may be applied for. These visas tend to be important for jobs in the technology, manufacturing and health care sectors, among others.