Work visas provide opportunities for professionals in many fields. Particularly in the medical and health care fields, H-1B visa holders make a difference in the United States. 

According to USA Today, foreign nationals contribute considerably to the number of professionals in the country who are performing research and developing treatments for illnesses such as the coronavirus. 

Professionals fighting diseases 

Medical professionals are not the only ones leading the charge against viruses and other diseases. Data shows that the government has granted thousands of H-1B visas to the following professions: 

  • Biophysicists, biochemists, and other biological scientists, technicians and engineers 
  • Statisticians and computer engineers 
  • Physicians, nurses and home health workers 
  • Pharmaceutical researchers and scientists 

The current health care crisis has the potential to create a backlash as borders between countries, and even between states, become more difficult to traverse. However, the U.S. depends on skilled foreign nationals to help find cures and treat those who are ill. 

Companies fighting for professionals 

Major medical research and pharmaceutical companies are currently working to bring more foreign nationals into the country. In fact, eight of the companies currently working to develop treatments and prevention of the coronavirus rely heavily on their H-1B visa holders. According to The National Law Review, one company has even sued two United States government agencies for alleged delays in issuing these types of visas. 

As the need for talent from other countries increases, more companies are likely to seek ways to hire more scientists, researchers, health care professionals and data analysts and bring them to the United States.