If you or someone you love is trying to obtain a visa so that you, he or she can move to Illinois, Wisconsin or another part of the United States, you may have questions about the visa interview process, and what it entails. At Francis Law Center, we have helped many immigrants and their families navigate the visa interview, and we have a firm understanding of common errors many people make that can hinder their chances of lawfully staying in the United States.

Per Path2USA.com, the visa interview is a critical step in the immigration process, and how you perform in it can have a considerable impact on whether you receive a visa afterward. As important as understanding what to do in your visa interview is identifying what not to do, so recognizing where others made errors may help you avoid making them yourself.

First and foremost, make sure you prepare extensively before your interview. Research questions you will likely have to answer, and practice your answers beforehand. Part of adequate preparation involves making sure you have all necessary documentation before attending your interview, so make sure you gather all needed documents and organize them well enough to find them at a moment’s notice during your interview. In addition to gathering all necessary documentation, you need to show up with appropriate visa application and insurance fees. U.S. consulates typically have very strict payment regulations, and many do not accept cash for these purposes. Therefore, it is critical that you make sure you have enough money, and that it is in the proper format, before your interview.

Finally, maintain honesty and integrity throughout the interview. Answer all questions asked of you completely and truthfully, but avoid oversharing or answering questions not directly asked of you. More about immigrating to the United States is available on our web page.