To many people in Schaumburg, immigration might seem like a singular event. One arrives in their destination country, and that (as they say) is that. 

In reality, however, it is much more complex. Gaining access into the United States is just the first step in a very long and complicated process. That process involves many administrative tasks along the way, requiring one to follow very strict criteria in order to meet standards. Any missteps along the way can not only jeopardize the process itself, but one’s legal status in the country altogether. 

The long march to deportation 

The ongoing case of a Colorado family struggling with the deportation of their father serves as evidence of this fact. Despite the mother being born in the U.S., the father’s legal residency had always been in question. Issues in getting his initial immigration paperwork notarized by the property authority (along with a past mark on his criminal record) kept him from gaining legal residency status. Then, 10 years ago, he came to the attention of immigration officials following a car accident. That sparked a years-long battle that eventually culminated in his detention in an immigration facility for several months, and ultimately his deportation back to Mexico. The mother now faces the difficult decision of potential needing to move to Mexico herself to be in a better position to deal with his immigration case. 

Assistance with the immigration process  

This case clearly demonstrates the need that those working their way through the immigration process have of assistance and authoritative resources to help in turning the dream of gaining legal residency a reality. Anyone already dealing with this process (or looking to embark on it) may do well to first secure the services of an attorney with experience in immigration law.