The spouses and children of H1B visa holders who would like to accompany their spouse or parent while working or visiting Illinois or other U.S. states may apply for an H4 visa, which is a dependent visa. Spouses and children under 21 years of age who are interested in the H4 visa need will need to apply at a U.S. consulate in their country of citizenship.

It is possible for the individual applying for the H1B visa and their spouse or children applying for the H4 visa to submit both applications at the same time. If a person is granted the H4 visa, they will have the opportunity to pursue education, open a bank account, seek employment and get a driver’s license in the United States. They may also be eligible for getting a tax ID. A dependent holding an H4 visa must first apply for Employment Authorization before getting a job in the US.

It is important to carefully fill out the H4 visa application in order to avoid errors. Applicants must clearly state or spell their first and last name, depending on if it is during the online application process or the visa interview. If a person still has their maiden name on their passport, it would be appropriate to update the passport before applying for the visa.

In order to qualify for an H4 visa, a spouse would have to provide sufficient evidence that they are married to the principal applicant. They may want to show wedding pictures that are clear enough for the bride and groom to be identified. Some individuals have questions about family immigration and want to contact a lawyer. A lawyer may be able to provide information about a visa for a fiancé, a marriage-based visa and a petition for immigration.