With the barrage of new immigration laws that are coming into play and have been throughout Trump’s administration, many immigrants are feeling the pressure and fear of having their families dismantled. For immigrants in Illinois and elsewhere around the nation, policies in their favor have been far and few between despite the relentless efforts of immigration groups pushing for protection, liberty and tolerance. 

Recently, a court judge denied a plan from the Trump administration that would have made it so migrant families, regardless of the ages of family members, would be detained at the border without any consideration. Experts and immigration activists have expressed disdain over the decision of the Trump administration to detain young children in conditions that can have detrimental effects on their growth, development and safety. 

A settlement, dubbed Flores, was reached in place of Trump’s proposed plan. It limits the number of days that migrant children can spend in detention to 20 days. During this time period, children must be kept in an environment that is safe and clean. The announcement was a welcoming celebration for immigration groups and immigrants alike and motivation for them to continue working in a direction that allows migrants entrance to the country in a respectable and moral manner. 

If people have family members who have been unable to proceed with their immigration efforts because of inconsistencies in the legal system, an attorney may be able to help them. With an experienced immigration attorney working in their favor, people may be able to make their efforts more efficient. 

Source: ABC News, “Judge blocks Trump plan that would have allowed indefinite detention of migrant families,” Anne Flaherty, Sept. 27, 2019