Immigration has always been a hot topic in government discussions but has gained even more traction and attention since Donald Trump has taken office. Even though establishing the groundwork for seamless immigration processes has been a longtime goal of government officials, it continues to be a work in progress with no end in sight. For immigrants in Illinois who are seeking asylum in the United States, the increase in major decisions by the government in relation to immigration could continue to slow the progress for many. 

In the most recent controversy surrounding the Trump administration and the decisions they are making in regards to immigration, it was announced that all overseas offices that process immigration requests are going to be closed permanently. The announcement was followed by a description of the decision with officials citing cost-effectiveness and a desire to address the backlog of immigration requests on American soil as the reason. However, experts are concerned that this potentially irrational decision could backfire and put even more strain on an already weighed down organization. 

In all, 24 offices around the world would close and nearly 250 employees would be repatriated to the United States to assume other responsibilities in the offices that are already on American soil. However, there are also concerns that these employees will lack the skill set or familiarity with the immigration process to be as effective in their new positions as they were in the positions they previously held. This is due to differences in the processes that have occurred at various facilities based on their location and the responsibilities that were allotted to that specific office. 

If people are trying to immigrate or are working with their family members to seek asylum in the United States, an attorney may be able to help them expedite that process. At the very least, legal professionals can clarify important parts of immigration and guarantee that immigrants are not missing any critical steps in their quest to become American citizens. 

Source: The Los Angeles Times, “Trump is killing immigration with a thousand cuts,” Scott Martelle, Mar. 15, 2019