The immigration process can be a precarious one, even for those who might appear to have distinct advantages in getting their applications approved. It may be well-known that those who have the sponsorship of family members already legally living in the United States have a leg up on those who do not. Yet one should be mindful of their actions during any part of the immigration process, whether it be while waiting to get approval to enter the U.S. to working to secure permanent residency after having already been admitted to the country. Any missteps could lead to either an automatic denial of entry to deportation. 

That is what a Brazilian man is facing after he was arrested in Massachusetts for possession of child pornography. He is currently in the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement authorities after having been arrested by local law enforcement officials at the beginning of the month. ICE officials have already stated their intention to initiate deportation proceedings after he answers for the criminal charges he is facing. 

The man is reportedly living in the U.S. illegally, although it was not shared whether or not had a visa at any point. Authorities do say, however, that the man has posted several YouTube videos aimed at Brazilian immigrants dealing with a variety of topics related to immigration (including one advising people to remain in the U.S. even after their visas had expired). 

Any accusations of criminal misconduct can hurt one’s immigration status. It may not necessarily derail it completely. One might find themselves able to move past the issue and continue in their quest to enter (or remain in) the U.S. legally if they have the assistance of an experienced immigration attorney to rely on.