While Chicago is one of the many sanctuary cities across the United States, that does not necessarily mean that all non-U.S. citizens in the area of the rest of Illinois can rest easily. The current federal administration has made many threats about changes to immigration laws and rules and has enacted some so that the future may well feel uncertain. During this time, remaining informed can be of extreme importance to all immigrants so that they know how to protect themselves and their loved ones.

As reported by the Chicago Tribune, yet another set of potential changes has some people concerned that residents in Illinois will begin to stop seeking important health care. In fact, some people believe that this trend has already begun. 

At issue here is whether or not a person’s application for public assistance may be used against them when seeking status as a lawful permanent resident or when requesting an extension of an existing visa. There are reports that the government would like to discourage approval of green cards for people who apply for Medicaid or other forms of assistance in favor of approving green cards for people who can pay for their own medical care.

Even if some changes are enacted, there may well remain options for immigrants to get help. For this reason, it might be helpful for people to talk to an attorney to learn the facts about what types of assistance may still be available to them so that they can take care of their families.