In the past, when the decision is made to deport someone from the United States, a careful process is followed to guarantee that it is not done on grounds that are unfair, illegal or inhumane. Currently, there are hundreds of immigrant families in Illinois who are awaiting their fate in the country. Many of them are waiting to hear whether or not they will be facing deportation as they are working toward gaining citizenship and being able to confidently call America, “home.” 

However, things could be getting even more complicated with a recent recommendation by the attorney general who suggested that deportation times need to be sped up indefinitely. As a verbal proponent of Donald Trump’s campaign to prevent immigrants from entering the country illegally, the attorney general says that too many cases are being suspended unnecessarily. While he acknowledges that those that have shown good faith may be allowed a bit of flexibility, he pressed the need for more efficient deportation processes to keep up with Trump’s “no-tolerance” initiative. 

He noted that when judges are allowed to grant continuances based off of good faith proceedings, the public may be more apt to trust their authority. If families are facing the possibility of being deported back to their home country, they may wish to contact an attorney to represent their case. A legal professional may be able to suspend the process temporarily and help immigrant families explore other alternatives. 

Source: Reuters, “U.S. attorney general issues order to speed up immigrant deportations,” Aug. 16, 2018