The news in Illinois is filled with stories about families being separated at the border with Mexico. There are two sides to this story, which each blaming the other, which is a common theme in modern politics. However, how can you figure out the real reason behind what is happening? It helps to get some backstory.

The Trump administration has long held up its beliefs of securing the border. According to CBS News, the administration has adopted a zero-tolerance policy that requires the arrest of anyone crossing the border illegally. Since border patrols have been strengthened under Trump’s watch, more people trying to get into the country are caught. If a family is caught, the adults are taken to jail, but the children cannot be held in an adult facility, so they are separated from their parents.

While the Trump administration’s policies do not specifically state that children must be separated from their parents, Homeland Security has taken measures to do so in hopes of discouraging other families from trying to cross the border. In defense of this, officials said that breaking the law sends you to jail and you are separated from your family, so breaking immigration laws should be no different.

Trump blames democrats eluding to the fact that loopholes in immigration laws are what are preventing families from being reunited and sent back home quickly. Of course, democrats blame Trump’s new immigration laws. However, neither side seems to be working to fix the issue. This information is for education and is not legal advice.