You have recently arrived in the United States and are excited to begin learning about the culture and experiencing the freedom that you have long anticipated. One of the first goals you want to accomplish is to find employment so you can make a living and support your family. At Francis Law Center, we have helped many immigrants in Illinois to learn about the skills they need to excel in their job, despite their immigration status.

While it can be easy to feel overwhelmed, undervalued and even misunderstood because of your different cultural background, it is imperative that you do not allow your immigration status to define your career. Doing so will hinder your progress and create unnecessary job stress. According to, one of the resources you may consider are professionals who can act as an advocate on your behalf. When you make an effort to meet new people, ask for help and create a supportive social network, you may be able to learn new skills and strengthen others as you integrate into society.

It is important to remember that job seekers will be paying close attention to your competencies and may not be as curious about your networking connections. For this reason, be prepared to demonstrate your skills or discuss strengths that you have. You will also benefit from doing your best to separate personal stresses and challenges from leaking into your professional life.

When you remember these suggestions and pay attention to your career and doing your best at your job, you can set yourself apart from other workers and show that you are a reliable employee. For more information about immigration law, visit our web page.