If you have recently immigrated and are slowly acclimating to your new home, you may be well aware that the adjustment process requires time, patience and determination. Over time, you will become accustomed to the changes in your environment and the anticipation of completing your citizenship test will give you something new to look forward to. At Francis Law Center, we are experienced in helping Illinois residents to work toward achieving citizenship status and taking the next step into their exciting future. 

Before you can take the naturalization test, you will be required to study and prepare, to give yourself a winning chance at having a successful result. According to usimmigration.org, some of the ways that you can effectively prepare for your interview include the following:

  • Collect required documentation: Begin by collecting all of the documents required by your interviewer. These documents include application papers, reentry permits, your passport and your state ID card among other things.
  • Pay attention to the civics test: Studying for the civics test will effectively familiarize yourself with the basics of our nation’s history and notable figures. Being able to verbalize the reason that being a citizen is important to you, is imperative to making your case and facilitating your request to become a citizen. 
  • Be familiar with the interview process: Take the time to understand what goes on during the interview. You may also wish to understand what happens leading up to the interview, as well as what happens afterward to you know what to anticipate throughout the process.  

By incorporating these tips into your preparation and doing your best to master your understanding of the English language, you can be optimally prepared for your naturalization interview. For more information if you are preparing for citizenship, visit our web page.