You can see and hear the emotion in their voices as they discuss choices made long ago. They are a mother and daughter talking over the decision the mom made long ago to leave her native Mexico and come to the U.S. to give her family more educational and career opportunities.

The BBC camera rolls as the two are at a family gathering discussing the rewards and sacrifices of family immigration. The mom says she came to the U.S. about 25 years ago, and though she has had to leave much behind, she believes her decision was the right one.

“I wanted to put my kids in a place where they could choose and they could dream, and I saw that in the United States,” the mother, Lupe, said. She had to leave behind her mom and dad, however.

As a legal permanent resident, Lupe struggled for eight years to bring her own mother to the U.S., only to have immigration authorities deny permission. She said she was finally able to secure permission just a month before her mother passed away.

Daughter Maria graduated from college last year and is now an elementary school teacher. But she says she sometimes wonders if the sacrifices her parents made were worth the price.

As she chokes back tears, Lupe tells Maria that on college graduation day, she made her thoughts on the family sacrifices known. “I told you that day that it was worth it,” she tells her daughter tearfully.

Decisions to come to the U.S. can be painful, though most know that the rewards of life here can be worth all they endure.

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